Mortar Spraying Machine

Product description

1.Adjust the flow size, bring up the best spray effect.
2. In addition to the control box can switch, but also equipped with remote control switch spray.
3. Spray gun and feed tube connection can be rotated, easy to operate.
4. Construction of high efficiency, good quality.
5. Small size, easy on-site handling, and accessories, low cost, simple maintenance. 1
6. Easy to use, fast, provincial materials, the province of artificial, more money, a machine with only three people, 150 square / hour (thickness 2cm).
7. Material ratio (cement) 0.7: 3 mortar.


Features of mortar spraying machine

Rapid mortar spraying machine design is reasonable, pump and compressor integration, easy to move.
Screw mortar spraying machine continuous feeding, no pulse phenomenon
Mortar spraying machine wide applicability, can be sprayed dry powder, mortar, mortar can also be sprayed ordinary
Mortar spraying machine spraying uniform, strong adhesion, fully functional, Spraying gun and nozzle connection optional direction, easy to operate.

Working principle

The working principle of the mortar spraying machine is to use air compressor to drive the abrasive (or projectile) to the work piece surface, the surface of the work piece micro-cutting or impact to achieve the work piece rust, paint, Decorative treatment. Mortar spraying machine is widely used in shipbuilding, aircraft, metallurgy, mining, railway, bridge, chemical, vehicle and heavy machinery industry in the manufacture of various metal components and welding surfaces. Sandblasting machine at the same time is the non-metallic (glass, plastic, etc.) surface, decoration, sculpture ideal equipment.


Production capacity


Working pressure


Applicable materials ratio (water, ash, sand)


Voltage level


main motor power


Particle size


Transport distance



Hopper volume


Displacement of air compressor


Maximum aggregate diameter


Inner diameter of feeding pipe


Total Weight



Optional Payment Terms

1) T/T 30% deposit in advance, T/T 70% before shipment.

2) L/C at sight ( high cost, not very advise).

3) Alibaba Escrow.

We accept TT, L/C ,Western Union, etc. according to which one is convenient for you!

Packing & Shipping  

within 3-7days after receiving the payment(modified need more )

We normally use Container or wooden boxes which depends on the goods.
The goods can be disassembled, will be shipping by Container.
The goods can not be disassembled, will be shipping by Bulk Cargo or Flat Rack.

After-sales Service

1) Warranty time is 12 months from the date of commission, or 18 months from the factory delivery, the first shall prevail.
2) Special Operation and maintenance video guide for the Customers.
3) Technical person work-site commission service support.We can send engineers to support you to install large sprayer machine.
4) Help you do worker training
5) On-line support 24 hours.