cement sprayer plastering machine

Product Details:

QY-800High pressure mortar spraying machine is a screw-type high-pressure mortar spraying machine, with advanced technology, simple operation and maintenance, it can be operated skillfully without special training . QY-800High pressure mortar spraying machine adapted spraying material included: putty powder, paint, latex paint, lacquer, cement mortar, dry mortar, thermal insulation, waterproofing materials, fireproof materials, insulation materials, sound-absorbing materials and other water-soluble material.


Product features:

1.Basically no ash falls, water, and material, the cost can be reduced more than 20%;

2.Co-mortar operations, such as thin-layer mortar , but also for paint, lacquer, relief effect coatings, waterproofing materials, refractory materials, such as spraying operations, is used for housing protection, paint, paste on the bottom of suitable models

3.Simple operation; speed, high efficiency, low labor intensity

4.Project quality assurance; a multi-purpose machine that can spray mortar ,fire protection materials, refractory materials.

5.It carries with an air compressor and a variable frequency electric box.

Technical data:





The maximum output voltage


Output voltage of Air Compressor


The level capacity of transmission


The vertical capacity of transmission


The maximum aggregate particles






Volume size



1.Plugging engineering applications

Water leakage of expansion joint, subway, tunnels, mine plugging, leak-proof projects, dams & other flood water leakage plugging projects.

2.Structure reinforcement projection applications crack

Reinforcement, bridge reinforcement, floor reinforcement.

3.Coating project materials

Waterproof material, cement-based capillary crystalline waterproof(CCCW) coating, Js waterproof coating, polyurethane waterproof plastering, waterproof agent, indoor and outdoor spraying, cement mortar, dry mortar, putty powder, emulsion paint, stone paint

construction method

1. Before starting, add fresh water into the hopper and regulate the speed to the middle-high speed in order to achieve the effect of wetting pipe, only a short running and then draining the water.

2. Putting the even material stirred into the hopper, and then locking pulp exit of main machine and the pipe & nozzle.

3. Before spraying, filling the pressure of air compressor to 8kg (matched air compressor 0.26-0.36m) and then connected to the nozzle.

4. After connecting to power, putting the gunpoint aiming the hopper, adjusting the air pressure and the speed until achieving the best state of fogging, shutting down the machine but non-stop wind.

5. After the accurate Debug, immediately move the nozzle and spray jets to the construction site work.

6. During the construction process, the pipe is filled with paints, not suitable for parking too long. If the power is failure, you should immediately dismantle the pipe to clean.

7. If filling pressure in the pipe, before dismantling & cleaning, you must put the cloth on it to protect your eyes, avoiding injury.

8. If starting the machine fails, first check whether the fire drills is broken or not and should replace it immediately.

9. Cleaning the body during the working or completion, making sure no wetting the electric drill & box, avoiding damage.

10. After completion of working, must clean up the hoppers, pipes, nozzles, and rotary joints so as to work tomorrow

11. If detecting the exit of coating is weak power after a long time to work, you have to replace the pressure pump.

12. If it suddenly appears without feeding material in the work, while motor is still working, it proves that the nozzle has been plugged. You should immediately stop working and clean the nozzle, and then continue to work.

13. The nozzle is damageable (including the pressure pump). The standard nozzle pore is 4mm. When the fogging of nozzle is not satisfactory, you should immediately replace the nozzle.

14.When manual operate, you should wear a safety helmet, glasses, and protective clothing.


1. The construction site must wear protective equipment (such as gloves, masks, goggles, safety helmet)

2. Water and electricity should be provided on site.  

3. The hand shall not be in the hopper when driving.

4. The construction site should be safe, covered and smooth.  

5. Machinery and circuit should avoid to expose in wet and open place.

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